2676 - 1/48 Mc.200 Saetta Prm Edition WWII Italeri  [IT-2676S]

Italeri 2676 - 1/48 Mc.200 Saetta Prm Edition WWII
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Italeri made 1/48 Mc.200 Saetta Prm Edition WWII (2676) Propeller Aircrafts Military Series assembly kit

Period: 2nd World War

Nation: Italy

Model Dim.: 17 cm


Designed by the celebre engineer Mario Castoldi, the Macchi Mc 200 has represented a significant manufacturing development about the Italian fighter aircrafts. Contrasted towards biplanes Fiat CR 32 and Fiat CR 42 which were the key Italian fighters squadrons framework at the start of the next World War, the Macchi Mc 200 distinguished it self, as well as its contemporary Fiat G50, for the monoplane setup and also for your metallic airframe structure. The 14 radial cylinder Fiat A.74 RC 38 twin celebrity engine surely could release 840 HP and permitting the Macchi Mc 200 to attain rates of 500 Km/H. In comparison to the Allied fighters, it lead to be underpowered and, neither the less, a diminished fire capability. Two 12,7mm Breda-SAFAT machineguns mounted through the characteristic engine bulged nacelle, was the actual only real onboard armament available. In latest variations, two extra 7,7mm Breda-SAFAT machineguns were integrated into the wings. It is implemented by the Regia Aeronautica regarding the main Second World War fronts: Africa, mediterranean and beyond, Balkans and in Russia.

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