Tamiya 1/48 US M8 Light Armored Car - Finished Model &39;Greyhound&39; WWII #26541  [26541]

Tamiya 26541 - 1/48 US M8 Light Armored Car - Finished Model &39;Greyhound&39; WWII



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Tamiya made 1/48 US M8 Light Armored Car Finished Model &39;Greyhound&39; WWII (26541) Armored Cars Military Series die-cast / finished

U.S. M8 Light Armored Automobile “Greyhound”

The M8 had been stated in 1942, by the Ford Motor Company to aid the usa reconnaissance forces in World War II. The M8 was nicknamed the "Greyhound" by Uk forces after viewing the automobiles slim armor and fast rates. The liquid-cooled 110hp motor produced top rates of 88km/h. The armored vehicle was created for a four-man team, which included a commander, gunner, driver and radio operator. Top features of the vehicle include an open-top turret, 37mm cannon, a coaxial M1919A4-7.62mm device gun and M2-12.7mm anti-aircraft heavy machine gun. Most the M8 armored cars were utilized in the reconnaissance and armored battalions in European countries. As much as 1945, 8,523 automobiles were produced. But despite the war ended, NATO forces proceeded to utilize this armed forces automobile.

Specs & Features

  • This is certainly a finished type of the U.S. M8 Light Armored automobile "Greyhound".
  • Decals and markings have actually a lifelike weathered appearance.
  • Special spin-cast parts add fat towards model.

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