Tamiya 1/700 JMSDF(Japan Maritime Self Defence Fo #31006  [31006]

Tamiya 31006 - 1/700 JMSDF(Japan Maritime Self Defence Fo



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Tamiya made 1/700 JMSDFJapan Maritime Self Defence Fo (31006) Aircraft Carrier Navy Military Series assembly kit

The "Ohsumi" class multipurpose transport vessels associated with JMSDF (Japanese Maritime self defense purposes Force) are superb both in loading capacity and maneuverability.

About the JMSDF Defense SHip LST-4002 Shimokita Tamiya's release of the "Ohsumi" kit a few years ago was enthusiastically gotten by fans of this Waterline Series. The next Japanese protection ship become released because show could be the "LST-4002 Shimokita". This ship ended up being constructed with the longest hull of the many ships in the JMSDF and first left the docks on Nov. 29, 2000. Its massive hull homes area for two "LCAC" hovercraft transportation vessels. To enlarge the armored deck of "Shimokita", it was constructed to flare out within the hull. Tamiya's 1/700 rendition of this Shimokita features elevator, well-dock, central gate of detailed design. Inside the well dock rests two intricately recreated LCAC vessels. Armored trip deck and automobile deck incorporate clear parts, allowing for observation regarding the interior despite conclusion. This kit is laden up with aircraft and vehicles including: two CH-47 helicopters, two SH- 60J fire-patrol helicopters, tanks, small armed forces automobiles, big trucks, anti-aircraft automobiles, self-propelled weapons, over 50 mini vehicles! A small missile launcher is also included. Modeling this kit at two forms of waterlines can also be feasible. Kit includes decals for ship "4002". Length: 254mm, width: 37mm.

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