Tamiya 1/48 U.S. Infantry Western European Theater #32513  [32513]

Tamiya #32513 - 1/48 U.S. Infantry Western European Theater



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alt="Tamiya #32513 - 1/48 U.S. Infantry Western European Theater" title="Tamiya #32513 - 1/48 U.S. Infantry Western European Theater"
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Tamiya made 1/48 U.S. Infantry Western European Theater (32513) World War Soldiers Military Series assembly kit

Wanting Some Good Guys?

Tamiya introduces a couple of 15 top quality plastic construction 1/48 scale numbers. Models depict 13 WWII U.S. infantry GIs in charging you and firing poses too as 2 tank crewmen to utilize as add-ons for AFV models. Set includes separate plastic tools and gear for added realism

The U.S. Infantry in WWII

The U.S. army's WWII army campaign was based around its business units. At the core of these units had been squads consisting of a maximum of twelve soldiers. Each squad included a Sergeant rated squad leader, a Corporal ranked assistant squad leader, a machine gunner and riflemen. Probably the most identifiable uniform used by U.S. troops during WWII ended up being the M1941 industry coat, centered on a civilian jacket design, and the M1943 industry coat (modified form of the M1941). Featuring four big pockets, the M1943 was developed so that you can standardize military uniform and was supplied to soldiers from late 1943. But as a result of production delays, the M1941 stayed used commonly by many troops. Troops in cold temperatures used overcoats and mackinaw coats based on civilian items, and as mufflers, gloves and the like. Teams of U.S. armored cars preferred to wear the hot and functional "tanker's jacket."

Specs & Features

Height: 37mm

1 Set Includes:

  • Noncommissioned Officer x 2
  • Rifleman x 5
  • BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle) man x 2
  • Device gunner x 1
  • Bazooka gunner x 1
  • Loader x 2
  • Tank crewman x 2
  • Separate sprue for weapons and equipment


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