Tamiya 1/48 MMV Russian Tank T-34/76 1941 Cast Turret #32515  [32515]

Tamiya #32515 - 1/48 MMV Russian Tank T-34/76 1941 Cast Turret



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Tamiya made 1/48 MMV Russian Tank T-3 1941 Cast Turret (32515) Tanks Military Series assembly kit
a 3rd Nationality to our Growing Tank Lineup

A WWII tank collection simply wouldn't be complete without a Russian tank, and exactly what better Russian tank versus T34, respectable since the finest all-round tank of WWII. Line this highly detail by detail T34/76 tank next to the German Tiger I and U.S. Sherman and get a true feeling of WWII battlefield action.

Concerning the Russian Tank T34/76 Model 1941 (Cast Turret)

Introduced in 1940, the Russian T34 had been made for high manufacturing levels, featuring a very simplified framework. Powered by a very gas efficient 500hp V-2 12-cylinder diesel motor, and fitted with Christie type suspension, the T34 boasted efficiency and flexibility. The T34/76 was installed with a monstrous 76.2mm gun, and used revolutionary sloped armor. Featuring an ideal balance of superior protection, mobility, striking energy, upkeep and mass production, the T34 is commonly considered the very best all-round tank of WWII. The 1941 T34/76 featured distinctive cast turret and hand rails the crew on hull and turret. Commonly deployed into the 1943 Battle of Kursk, the T34/76 spearheaded a hard-fought countertop attack against German Tiger I and Panther tanks.

Die-cast Lower Hull Adds Body Weight and Realism

Like other tanks featured inside great series, the T34/76 also features a die-cast reduced hull. The included heaviness ensures that even this compact 138mm model features solid, realistic weight. The suspension arms are molded as one piece to give additional strength and stability. For a simple finish, the die-cast lower hull even comes pre-coated.

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