Tamiya 1/48 German Panther G #32520  [32520]

Tamiya #32520 - 1/48 German Panther G



Brand New
alt="Tamiya #32520 - 1/48 German Panther G" title="Tamiya #32520 - 1/48 German Panther G"
alt="Tamiya #32520 - 1/48 German Panther G" title="Tamiya #32520 - 1/48 German Panther G"
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Tamiya made 1/48 German Panther G (32520) Tanks Military Series assembly kit

Tamiya simply doesn?t stop releasing brand new items for the 1/48 MM Series. We have now provide modelers the Panther Type G, widely considered probably one of the most effective German tanks of WWII. Line the Ausf.G using the Panzer IV Ausf.J and 1/48 Panzer Grenadier numbers for an in depth and accurate diorama of late-WWII German military.

About the German Panther Ausf.G Developed as a countermeasure towards the Soviet T-34, the German Panther tank ended up being produced from 1943 before end for the war and served alongside the Panzer III, IV and Tiger tanks. The Panther tank showcased sloped armor, powerful 700hp Maybach engine and a turret put far right back on hull mounting a 75mm L/70 cannon. The primary gun ended up being even more devastating than its size of 75mm indicate, due to the big propellant charge and long barrel with high muzzle velocity. Numerous think about the Panther every bit as effectual as the Tiger I, but better to create and maintain. The Ausf.G included variations with heater unit installed throughout the left engine fan, and with curving lower ?chin? piece taken from mantlet to expel shot trap.

Concerning the Model
  • 1/48 scale set up model of the Panther Ausf.G tank.
  • Range of two forms of mantlet, with or without lower ?chin? piece.
  • Install muffler with or without flash suppressor.
  • Reproduces heater device used for cold weather operations.
  • Car mounted gear molded to hull as solitary piece for easy construction.
  • Die-cast framework for additional weight and enhanced realism.
  • Construction type tracks with straight upper and lower components made of solitary pieces.
  • Display with Panzer IV Ausf.J (product 32518) and Panzer Grenadier Set (Item 32514) generate late-WWII era dioramas.
  • Range of 4 sets of markings.

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