Tamiya 1/48 US M4A1 Sherman #32523  [32523]

Tamiya #32523 - 1/48 US M4A1 Sherman



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Tamiya made 1/48 US M4A1 Sherman (32523) Tanks Military Series assembly kit

Presenting a variant of this Allied M4 Sherman Tank, further increasing modeling opportunities. Recognized to the British due to the fact Sherman II, the U.S. M4A1 Sherman Tank showcased a cast upper hull and turret that gave it easily-recognizable curved body lines. Build one together with the M4 Sherman Early Production for an interesting view regarding the contrasting styles.

In regards to the M4 Sherman Early Manufacturing With approximately 50,000 units produced during WWII, the U.S. Army�s group of M4 Sherman tanks were among the driving forces behind Allied victory. Created for effective massproduction and including space for future adjustments, the M4 series boasted superior ground performance with exemplary dependability. Between the many variants produced, the M4A1 model featured a cast upper hull and cast turret mounting a 75mm gun. The A1�s cast top hull offered it distinctive rounded sides, supplying a sharp comparison using the angular lines regarding the welded hull M4 Sherman Early Manufacturing.

Towards Model
  • 1/48 detailed scale style of the M4A1 Sherman. Length: 119mm, Width: 55.5mm
  • Pre-coated die-cast lower hull for added fat and realism.
  • Lots of optional parts include 3-piece or 1-piece bolted transmission housing, square or round air cleaners, early model drive sprocket wheel and narrow or wide weapon shield permitting construction of a variety of variant versions.
  • Commander's hatch and top hull hatches can be assembled in open or closed place.
  • Turret is rotated, and cannon could be raised and lowered after construction.
  • Little detailing such as accessories come pre-molded to top hull for easy set up.
  • Includes 3 sets of markings.

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