Tamiya US Modern 4x4 Utility Vehicle- w/Grenade Launcher #32567  [32567]

Tamiya #32567 - US Modern 4x4 Utility Vehicle- w/Grenade Launcher



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Tamiya made 1/48 US Modern 4x4 Utility Vehicle- w/Grenade Launcher (32567) Armored Cars Military Series assembly kit

U.S. Contemporary 4x4 Utility Vehicle w/Grenade Launcher

Effective Guard

In 1980's, U.S. military developed brand new general-purpose vehicles of designed to be used for a multitude of military duties. With respect to the physique and installed gear, it could perform an array of functions. Of the different variants, the armament provider kind was one of the most numerous. Fitted with powerful armament such as for instance an Mk.19 grenade launcher and M60 device gun on a band mount, they're always defend units and essential facilities in difficult conditions such as the 1991 Gulf War, being vital for U.S. military activities.

Specs & Features

  • This might be a 1/48 scale synthetic assembly kit style of the U.S. contemporary 4x4 energy Vehicle w/Grenade Launcher.
  • Length: 100mm.
  • The dynamic type of the car fitted with an Mk.19 grenade launcher on a ring mount happens to be realistically reproduced.
  • You can construct the model with an M60 device weapon.
  • Parts for winch and smoke grenade launchers are included permitting a selection of diorama opportunities.
  • Detail by detail suspension and practical rubber tires.
  • Driver and gunner figures also 4 kinds of markings to depict a car seen during the Gulf War included.

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