Tamiya 58570-60A - 1/10 Lancia Delta Integrale (TT-02) (w/o ESC)  [58570-60A]

Tamiya 58570-60A - 1/10 Lancia Delta Integrale (TT-02) (w/o ESC)
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Tamiya 58570-60A - 1/10 Lancia Delta Integrale (TT-02) (w/o ESC)

The Lancia Delta Integrale, including made some appearances on different Tamiya framework platforms over time, now makes its house on basic TT-02 framework. The Lancia Delta Integrale had been a legendary Rally warrior, as fans regarding the sport are sure to remember, as it won 6 titles back-to-back by the end the 1980s and commence associated with 1990s.

The TT-02 chassis platform may be the successor on TT-01 as it includes numerous groundbreaking features which makes it even easier the completely new R/C kit builder to assemble and learn from. The TT-02 framework is useful as cornering and general speed had been enhanced to help make the the majority of brand-new electronics available. Besides the TT-02 being a perfect platform to start out from, R/C hobbyists can expand its possible by the addition of lots of the Ho-Up-Options available to increase the cars rate and satisfaction.

  • Scale: 1/10
  • Construction kind: create kit
  • Terrain use: on-road
  • Drive-train: 4WD
  • Drive kind: gearbox
  • Drive line: dog bone
  • Differential kind: gear
  • Suspension: fully independent dual wishbone
  • Steering apparatus: bell-crank
  • Shock damper: friction damper
  • Shock damper: material plastic
  • Tire kind: rubber
  • Tire tread: rally block
  • Body material: Polycarbonate
  • Chassis product: plastic
  • Electronic Speed Control (ESC): never included
  • LED Light buckets: yes
  • LED lights: no
  • Motor: 540-brushed type
  • Bearings: artificial bushing
  • Adjustable camber: fixed
  • Adjustable toe views: front only
  • Adjustable ground approval: yes
  • Adjustable gear ratio: yes
  • Adjustable wheelbase: yes
  • Adjustable track width: yes
  • Adjustable surprise angle: yes
  • Requires A: 2-channel radio gear
  • Requires B: 7.2 battery pack,charger & ESC
  • Requires C: polycarbonate paint

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