Tamiya 1/48 F4U-1D Corsair #61061  [61061]

Tamiya 61061 - 1/48 F4U-1D Corsair



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Tamiya made 1/48 F4U-1D Corsair (61061) Propeller Aircrafts Military Series assembly kit

About the Vought F4U-1D Corsair


Designed around the new Pratt & Whitney 2,000HP radial engine and tuning rn the largest propeller ever attached to a fighter plane, the Vought F4U Corsair rn became a legend in its own time. The F4U-1 was the first production version rn of the Corsair. It had a inverted gull-wing and a framed canopy with a flat rn top.
rn However many problems were found soon. For example, the port wing stall often rn gave the Corsair unstable landing. And another problem was poor visibility because rn of its long nose and framed canopy. Therefore F4U-1A: the cockpit was raised rn about seven inches, the framed canopy was replaced with a semi-bubble design rn canopy, and the taller tail wheel strut was equipped; was introduced. F4U-1D rn with clear vision canopy on frameless was introduced later for more visibility. rn Also the F4U-1D had two pylons under the center wing section that could carry rn the bombs up to 1,000 pounds and the napalm. Furthermore 5 inch rockets could rn be carried under each wing.


Therefore in 1944, the F4U-1D was formally deployed as the first carrier based rn aircraft of Corsair series. Beginning by placing the F4U-1D as Marine squadrons rn VMF-124 and VMF-213 aboard the ESSEX on the way to the Philippines, the F4U-1D rn was used for attacking Japan as the first operation from U.S. Navy in 1945. rn About 3,700 amounts of F4U-1D were produced, then it held an established position rn from U.S. Navy because of its ability and reliance.

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