Tamiya Ultra Thin Aluminum Stickers #87226  [87226]

Tamiya 87226 - Ultra Thin Aluminum Stickers
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Tamiya made Ultra Thin Aluminum Stickers (87226)

These stickers (about 0.01mm thick) healthy snugly to finely molded model areas and that may also be used as masking stickers for demarcation whenever artwork. The stickers are designed to reproduce aluminum areas and never having to use unique paints to achieve the same effect.

• Material: Sticker product: aluminum / Adhesive: acrylic adhesive (moderate) / Backing film: animal
• depth : About 0.01mm *excluding backing movie
• Size : One sheet: 100x148mm *Includes two sheets.
• Surface: Semi-gloss *not reflective

required Tools:

• Tweezers
• Scissors (Use to cut fully out stickers with a little margin.)
• Masking tape (used to remove sticker from supporting film.)
• Cotton swab (used to fit sticker onto form or molding.)
• Design knife or modeling blade (used getting sticker.)

of use Tools

• Craft swab or toothpick (utilize for substantially more accurate application onto molding.)
• 1-3 mm wide masking tape (utilize whenever scoring sticker.)

using and care records:

• Stickers may curl whenever taken off supporting film.
• Allow paint to dry completely when utilizing onto painted areas. Failure for this could make it hard to eradicate stickers.
• dampness, shavings, dirt, and dirt may reduce adhesion.
• Stickers cannot be applied to extremely tiny or uneven areas, or matt painted surfaces.
• Stickers wrinkle whenever applied onto curved areas. Stickers will not fit deep grooves and holes, that might cause cracks.
• If air bubbles form, make small holes making use of a needle or knife tip and remove atmosphere using cotton swabs.
• whenever using because masking tape, make sure that the aluminum sticker edges are flush utilising the area. Apply several thin layers of paint. Thick amounts might penetrate under the sticker and give a wide berth to its reduction.
• Stickers applied on Mini 4WD cars might be eliminated results.
• Stickers are conductive. Don't use nearby electronic devices or accuracy equipment. Aspects of stickers inside electronic devices might cause harm. Using these stickers on Mini 4WD framework machines, batteries and steel parts may cause a brief circuit or breakdown.

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